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20 Questions (Part 2)

I (almost) never go to the grocery store without a list. If I walk in without a list it's because there's only one thing on the list. The grocery list serves several functions. It saves me money because I'm not allowing the fleeting feelings of my eyes or stomach to make the decisions about what goes into my shopping cart. It saves me time because I don't have to walk up and down every aisle to know what I want. It brings order and intention to my shopping trip so that I don't leave Costco with a large can of peanuts, two gallons of olive oil, and a generator. And lists can be edited; I can add to the list if something is important or take something off if it's no longer needed.

Imagine this as a grocery list for 2023. The questions will help you set intentions for the year, save you time by helping you target the goals, dreams, or actions you want to take, and can be edited to suit your needs (I'd suggested starting with these and adding to them). Then come back to the list at the beginning of each month to review how things are going. I'm not suggesting everything will turn out perfect because of this practice, but it should prevent you from looking around next December and wondering how you ended up with a generator in the trunk of your car.

10 Questions for the New Year

1. What do I want for the year ahead?

2. What are three places I'd like to visit?

3. Where will I draw my energy from?

4. What is my word for the year that will help me set my intentions?

5. What will I no longer tolerate?

6. Who am I becoming?

7. What will it cost me to be in exactly the same place a year from now?

8. Who will journey with me through this year?

9. How will I pamper myself?

10. What is one new thing I want to try or learn how to do?

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