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20 Questions (Part 1)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

I set aside two weeks of vacation each year for the end of December. Part of me always thinks it's a little crazy, living in Grand Rapids, MI and planning a vacation at home when it's cold, cloud-covered, and dark. I could use these two weeks in August or September when the weather is warmer, when golf courses are still open, and at worst I get to go for a walk in the rain. But then the time arrives and I find myself grateful that I have this time in this season. As shoppers rush home with their treasures and coordinate the busyness that accompanies the holiday season, I'm creating a stack of books to read by the fire, planning a day-long lego build with my kids, slowing down to reflect on the past year, and imagine, dream, hope, and plan for the year to come.

Today I'll give you ten questions I'm asking myself to reflect on the past year. Next week I'll give you ten questions to ask for the year to come. Want to go next level with this list? Ask a close friend, partner, or spouse to answer the questions and share your answers.

10 Questions to Ask at the End of the Year

1. What memories did you make that you won't forget?

2. Who was your community, the group of people who belonged to you and you belonged to them?

3. What made you laugh the hardest?

4. Who did you share your tears with?

5. What were the most important conversations?

6. What was the biggest surprise?

7. What do you regret from the past year?

8. What have you learned?

9. What's changed in the last 12 months?

10. What do you want to leave behind?

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