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I understand what it’s like to wake up one day and realize your life has just kind of happened to you, instead of feeling like you designed the life you were meant to live.


If you're like most of us, you've struggled to make your responsibilities match what you'd really like to be spending your time and energy doing. Or more importantly, wondered why it’s so hard to build a life around not just what you want to do, but what you were created to do. 


Hi, I’m Jeremiah (JR for short) and I’ve been there. 


If you’ve experienced that deep yearning for something more, you are not alone. I’ve seen my peers young and old, wealthy or not, grapple with that same desire, and experience that same feeling of quiet desperation.

I know you want to become your True Self, and it’s wrong that societal norms, perceived success, or false narratives, have made you feel like that’s not an option.

That’s why I founded JR Coaching and Consulting - because the world needs you to become what you were created to be.


You just might need a more nuanced path of self exploration, a different plan than the one you’ve been following, and the right guidance to help you get there. 


Imagine what your life would look like if you made the decision to design it yourself. If that scares you, you’re on to something. But if that fear is preventing you from taking action, you’re going to need a coach. 


Today I utilize the proven Co-Active Coaching model to support my clients in naming, claiming, and nurturing their most authentic selves. My years of experience in small business management, speaking, and pastoral leadership make me uniquely qualified to help people focus on wholeness in their professional endeavors, while placing priority on personal, spiritual,and family life. I created JR Coaching and Consulting to partner with businesses and people like you to overcome settling, and experience fulfillment


Whether you’re feeling stuck creatively, seeking deeper meaning, or craving a bold career change, JR Coaching & Consulting can help. 


Through a process of transformative conversations and practices, we’ll collaborate to:


  • identify and shift limiting mindsets and habits

  • uncover your confidence 

  • prioritize your goals 

  • sharpen communication

  • refine leadership abilities

  • discover the next best move


These are not just ideals. When you work with a coach who knows how to put these qualities to use in a practical way, specific to your life, they become the building blocks of the thing you are uncovering and creating - your authentic self. 


Don’t waste anymore time to claim the life you were created to live. Get personalized support with JR Coaching.


The process is simple:


1.  Schedule a sample session

This is a free consultation so I can learn more about you, the impact you want to make, and how I can help you get there.  


2.  Get one-on-one coaching 

Your coaching will be customized to your unique goals. But instead of just talking, we’ll work together for a tangible, measurable plan that includes self discovery and accountability. 


3.  Be your True Self.

Now that you have done the work from the most authentic part of yourself, you’ll move forward with clarity and intention, ready to impact your life, and the world for good. 


Once you schedule your sample session, you’ll have taken your first step on a path that is all your own. 


I am committed to your success, whatever you decide that looks like. I can’t wait to see. You don’t have to wait either.

Certifications & Degrees

  • CTI Co-Active Trained Coach

  • M.Div. - Western Theological Seminary

  • M.A. Organizational Management - Spring Arbor University

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