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You can make your own way.

You don't have to do it alone.

Take your next steps confidently with one-on-one coaching.

Name your vision

Claim your space

Nurture your True Self

The world needs who you were created to be.

But going after your dream, pursuing a career change, or reexamining your purpose isn't easy.

The stakes are high and something could be holding you back.

fear of rejection

current responsibilities

a cycle of self-sabotage

risk of failing

expectations of others

imposter syndrome

If you don't find a way to move past these barriers you will end up living a life you don't recognize, looking back one day and wondering how you ended up a stranger in your own life.

You don't have to stay stuck.

You deserve a fulfilling, exciting, authentic life that's:


Be full of deep passion while creating something only you can.


See a need and use your unique power

to make a difference.


Lead a life or business that's aligned with your personal values.

JR Coaching and Consulting can help.

Let's create the plan you need to stop passively settling for the life that fell in your lap and start actively pursuing the life you were created to live.

Hi, I'm Jeremiah - JR for short - and I'm your coach.

Most of us have a deep knowing of who we are. Even if we can't name it, we recognize it when the friction norms, expectations, circumstances, or the scripts we've been handed push us in unnatural directions. I know that struggle, and I've seen it become so powerful that it has stopped others from the fight to claim their True Self.

When that happens, they miss out. The world misses out.

That's why I'm passionate about helping people honor that deep knowing, by coaching them through the process of naming, claiming, and nurturing their True Self.

When that happens I see them:

  • Write a book

  • Make the move

  • Take a trip

  • Say no to the wrong thing

  • Start the business

  • Become an advocate

  • Rise to the challenge

  • Say yes to the right thing

Whatever the deep knowing looks like for you, it's worth the fight. Every time.

Some of the tools we'll use during your coaching sessions:

Co-Active Coaching Model

You're the expert on yourself. I help you harness that power.

Habit Trackers

The perspective you need to make thoughtful decisions.

Personality Analysis Tests

A better understanding of yourself and why it matters.

Wheel of Life Framework

Work toward wholeness in all areas of your life.

Leadership Principles

Share my experience and knowledge of how to lead.

My coaching is different because I don't just tell people what to do.

I engage with my clients in transformative conversations that prove they already have
what it takes
 to act with courage, evoke change, and accomplish their goals.

Claiming the truest version of yourself

starts with one step.

Step 1. Schedule a Sample Session

Experience a real coaching session and see how I might be able to help.

Step 2. Get One-on-One Coaching

I'll work right beside you as you chart the map all the way to your vision.

Step 3. Start Living Into Your True Self

You laid the plans, did the work, and got the coaching you needed to

step into the authentic life you deserve.

Who is JR Coaching and Consulting for?

Anyone can benefit from investing time and energy into the pursuit of their truest selves. All are welcome at JR Coaching and Consulting. However, my education background and life experience makes me uniquely qualified to serve

Portrait of Young Businesswoman


I've been there, so let's talk about:

  • coping with pressure

  • restorative self-care

  • leading effectively

Taking Notes


I've been there, so let's talk about:

  • prioritizing time to create

  • making with a purpose

  • overcoming self doubt

Bible Lesson


I've been there, so let's talk about:

  • caring for your community

  • avoiding burnout

  • managing change

Smiling Businesswoman


I've been there, so let's talk about:

  • taking calculated risks

  • casting vision

  • practicing courage

Investing in your story is the best

investment you'll ever make.

There's a reason the status quo isn't working for you - because it isn't you.

Don't waste more precious time being anything other than your true self.

If you choose something different today, what could your life look like 1 year from now? 5 years from now? 10 years? 20?

Schedule your sample session now so you can:

gain confidence

get clarity

create a plan

feel fulfilled

embrace joy

be your true self

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